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Welcome to, the Official Bill Duke Website. This is my official website because here on, I personally update the website content in order to ensure that I share first hand in the instantaneous exchange of thoughts, ideas, and actions via new media. 

Enjoy your visit here at I look forward to you experiencing the paradigm shift toward the future reality of media and entertainment on the Bill Duke Web Network. Duke Media has pioneered successful film projects for almost 30 years and I have embraced the new media platforms that are providing independence and empowerment to the entertainment industry. Visit both the Bill Duke Web Network and Duke Media so that you can be an insider to new media in action.

Most importantly, all of my efforts are aligned with my goal to establish an infinite endowment of learning programs for children that will provide “edutainment” – education that entertainment, As CEO and Founder of the Duke Media Foundation, every day of hard work I accomplish with all of the supporters of this goal, is one day closer to establishing the Bill Duke Endowment that will live for children well beyond my years.

"I remain a simple man who has more questions than answers. Please join me as I seek to turn that tide." – Bill Duke



Bill Duke will be appearing in the soon to be released movies Henry’s Crime and The Big Bang.

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